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Bank On San Antonio: Banking Opportunities for All

About Us

Bank On San Antonio works to connect everyone to safe and affordable financial products and services, including affordable or free first-time bank accounts.


Our Mission

Bank on San Antonio is a City of San Antonio sponsored program that empowers individuals and families to improve their financial capability, health and independence. The program connects residents to safe and affordable accounts at our partner banks and credit unions in the San Antonio area.

It is important that residents have access to resources that help lay a solid foundation for banking and financial empowerment. Our coalition is particularly focused on unbanked and underbanked populations and populations needing second chance banking options.


Why Bank On San Antonio?

  • In San Antonio, approximately 10.4% of households are unbanked, meaning they do not have a checking or savings account, and about 25% of households are underbanked, meaning that although they may have a checking or savings account they continue to use alternative financial services.
  • This financial challenge disproportionately affects low-income families in San Antonio, in Texas, and nationwide.
  • A household with an income of $32,000 per year can typically spend up to $2,400 cashing paychecks at check-cashing locations. That money could instead be put toward paying bills, paying bills, saving for future emergencies, college savings plans, or other important financial goals.

History of Bank On San Antonio

Started in 2020, Bank On San Antonio helps connect consumers to safe and affordable banking products certified as meeting the Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund Bank On National Account Standards. Bank On San Antonio identified strategies to increase collaborative efforts that would connect San Antonio residents to safe and affordable mainstream financial products and services. These products often don’t require a minimum opening deposit, have overdraft fees, or other strict requirements.

Our coalition represents financial institutions, community-based organizations and local government to provide products, services, and resources including financial and entrepreneurial education, personal and business coaching and counseling, credit building and savings programs, employment assistance, and a variety of additional financial empowerment programming.


List of Partners

  • Bank of America
  • BB&T Now Truist Bank
  • Cadence Bank
  • Chase Bank
  • City of San Antonio
  • Family Service Association (FSA)
  • River City Federal Credit Union
  • Wells Fargo

Bank On Certified Accounts

  • Bank of America – Advantage SafeBalance Banking Account
  • BB&T Now Truist – MoneyAccount Prepaid Debit Card
  • Cadence Bank – Blue eChecking Account
  • Chase – Secure Banking Account
  • River City Federal Credit Union – Fresh Start Checking Account
  • Wells Fargo – EasyPay Card

Facts & Statistics


  • Population: 28,701,845
  • Population Unbanked: 2,726,675
  • Percentage Unbanked: 9.5%

Via Prosperity Now

San Antonio

  • Population: 2,550,960
  • Population Unbanked: 265,300
  • Percentage Unbanked: 10.4%

Via Express-News


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