Success Stories

Below are a few examples of successes achieved by Financial Empowerment Center clients. Results will vary based on your own financial circumstances.

Financial Empowerment Center Services are always confidential. These families have agreed to share their success stories, and their names have been changed to protect their privacy.

The Gutierrez Family

The Gutierrez family was facing foreclosure and was being sued by the bank for defaulting on a business loan. After meeting with Financial Empowerment Center counselor Jennifer, the Gutierrez family created a budget and started saving money. They started keeping track of business expenses and income, as well as a household budget. The savings added up quickly and within 9 months, they were able to save over $7,000. As a result, the Gutierrez family was able to keep their home out of foreclosure.

The Thompson Family

The Thompson family came to the Financial Empowerment Center to learn about purchasing a home. Mr. Thompson recently became disabled and had over $200,000 in medical debt as a result of his condition. While working with Financial Empowerment Center counselor Luis, the Thompsons were able to create a budget and discuss saving. They also discussed how to handle their medical debt and they requested assistance from the hospital. The hospital reviewed their case and they now owe only $762. The family is continuing to work with Luis to create a plan save money to purchase a home. They have started a match savings program through Goodwill.

About Us

The San Antonio Financial Empowerment Center offers free, one-on-one professional financial counseling.  

Certified financial counselors are available for personalized guidance and can help you deal with a wide range of personal financial issues.

Daytime, evening and weekend appointments are available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much do these services cost?
A: Financial Empowerment Center services are always free.

Q: How many times can I meet with a counselor?
A: As many times as you need.

Q: What can a financial counselor help me with?
A: Repair your credit, create a savings plan, negotiate and pay off debt, open an affordable bank account...just to name a few!

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